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 Weapons Registration

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Naruto Uzumaki
Hokage/Second in charge Anbu Black Ops/Kyuubi/gamabunta
Hokage/Second in charge Anbu Black Ops/Kyuubi/gamabunta

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PostSubject: Weapons Registration   Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:59 pm

House of Terror - A house appears around the
target/targets made up entirely of playing cards, each one has a
pitcure of a sword on it, all the cards that makes up the house flies
at the opponent one by one cutting him up - Genjutsu can only be broken
only by someone else physically touching the intended target. the cards
are sharp, unbreakable, and cant be stopped unless the genjutu is

Poisoined cards - Chuunin and up are allowed
to use these scrolls, same as House of Terror, except the cards are
poisonous and is intented to kill the opponent, unlike the scroll of
cards wich only injures the opponent


This spoiler is my daughter Saia Akina Uzumaki
15Ft samurai sword
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Cepeda Hyuuga
Akatsuki Sannin/8 tailed angel
Akatsuki Sannin/8 tailed angel

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons Registration   Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:38 pm

G Blade
It is Like a Regular Blaade but at the End to Sharp Blades
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Weapons Registration
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